Quiltcon Recap Post Roundup

Here are some of the wonderful Quiltcon recap posts I’ve been reading this week. I seriously cannot get enough!

Amy from Diary of a Quilter gives a great overview of Quiltcon with some really fun behind the scenes photos. Plus a video!

Yvonne’s posts on Quilting Jetgirl are always an insightful read. Here, she takes on Quiltcon from three different angles: Volunteering, Her Quilts, and a Final Recap

If you are trying to restrain yourself (like I am) from buying a vintage camper, do not read this recap from That’s What She Sewed.

Even quilt shows cannot escape controversy. I appreciate when people can disagree without fighting and even bringing larger topics to ponder to the table. Read Katie’s questions and opinions here.

I love Christa’s thoughts on what makes Quiltcon different from other quilt shows. Bonus: her post also has great photos!

If I watch a video about Quiltcon, I can pretend I was actually there, right?!

Oh the photos in this really make me swoon. I love seeing the quilts next to each other. It somehow changes their look from just seeing a picture of the individual quilt. Plus there is a promise of a part 2 blog post!

Jenny from Quilt Skipper has a really fun post with several quilts that I didn’t see pictures of anywhere else.

Nicole from Modern Handcraft’s award ribbons seriously stole the show. Someone needs to make her a ribbon for her ribbons. Amazing.


2 thoughts on “Quiltcon Recap Post Roundup

  1. Well this is helpful! I love reading the recap posts and now I know where all of them are. 🙂 are you thinking of doing Savannah next year? I am. Lovely location!

    1. I love reading the recaps too! I am hoping to do Savannah next year!! I’ve always wanted to go there and I think the small one will be big enough to handle a few days without me 🙂 I would love to see you there!

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